NBA 2K18 locker codes Xbox one and xbox 360

The trailer of upcoming NBA 2k18 is launched and the exuberance is at its epitome for those who are die-heart virtual game basketball fanatic. The NBA 2K18 is compatible with mostly all major consoles such as Xbox One and Xbox 360 etc.

The NBA 2K18 is the highly anticipated basketball virtual game which gives a real basketball court experience. The game becomes more charismatic when more VC (virtual currencies) is added to boost the game. VC helps the player to enhance the game level and the player is able to buy more and more packs, cards and bonuses. In order to buy VC for NBA 2K18, you have to spend lots of time and money. Or you can always trust the always easy to work with the NBA 2K18 locker codes generator, available in both online and downloadable versions.

Locker codes and their importance

As we have already mentioned before, the VC is literally the game change in the NBA 2K series, including the upcoming NBA 2K18 game. However, the VC is not easy to come by. You have to really play a lot of games in order to earn the much needed game cash. And yet, most of the tournaments also require you to spend these hard earned VC just to gain entry. Additionally, you need to keep the stamina of your players on the high, which means that you are again required to spend more VC. In between trying to enter games and improving your player stamina, you are not left with much VC to spend on other features or for upgrades.

This is where the locker codes come into play making the game more exciting. These are simple alphanumeric codes issued by the game developer either as a reward for winning a game or just as a promotion deal to improve the gaming activity on any console. While the codes are really simple, there is nothing simple about the concept. When you redeem these locker codes, you are credited with a certain amount of VC which can be anywhere from 100- 50000 VC.

So is it so easy to get the VC?

Let us not get too excited as most of the times the VC we receive from the game is for a lower denomination and is never enough to keep you upgraded to every level’s requirement.

There is also the fact that these locker codes are often issued either for a particular console, say Xbox one or PS3 or whichever console requires a little attention. So it means that the locker code may not work on all kind of consoles. Again you feel stranded not knowing what to do in the middle of a desert land without any sustenance.

You can either spend your hard earned real time money for getting the VC in the game or you can wait forever for these locker codes to get issued and help you out. And by that time, you friends would have already surpassed you in the game.

And yet, there is no cause for worry for there are the online NBA 2K18 locker codes generators that can help you sort this issue in no time. These generators are designed to provide you with locker codes with VC denominations as per your choice.

Next comes the next question on the genuineness of these locker codes generators.

How good are these locker codes generators?

This is a very genuine cause of worry to you for there are many online sites waiting to fleece you of your hard earned money. So how do you know that the locker code generator we are referring to is not going to do the same? It is very simple. Just remember the below instructions.

  • Despite the claims from the website never share any personal information like your name, address or your fiscal information like bank details, etc. By avoiding it, you will keep yourself safe from any possible hacks in the future into your account.
  • The next thing to bear in mind is to make sure that you avoid downloading versions as much as you can. Unless you are very sure of the genuineness of the generator do not opt for the downloadable versions for there is every chance of your device downloading a harmful virus in the process. This will further hinder your game performance and can also result in loss of personal data/ information. Of course, if you are well sure of the website you can always use the download version for your locker codes.
  • Do not pay any money at any point of the process. The generators are available for free and they make revenue through the ads in the page and through your share/tweets about their website. There is no money required from you at any point.

Now that we have seen what we should not do with the NBA 2K18 locker codes generators, let us see what we gain from them.

  • Unlimited number of VC.
  • Chance to win a diamond player pack.
  • Chance to use the generator to make more locker codes for different denominations.
  • Different options from 5000- 50000 VC.
  • No restriction on time zones or where you run it from.
  • No fee for using the generator
  • Anti-ban and anti-detection program to keep you safe from a possible suspension in the game.
  • Highest possible proxy protection for all information transmission.

So now you have your much needed currency and you also have the way to generate locker codes whenever you want. But is that enough?

No, you really need to improve your gaming and make sure that you devise a well placed strategy if you want to win matches in the court. Only getting the VC and making your players stronger is not enough. It only improves your chances. But the real win is dependent on the game plan which you have to make basis your observations and skill sets.

Keep gaming more with unlimited VC on your Xbox console!