NBA 2K18 locker codes PS3 and PS4

If there is something that can give you as much fun as watching a real basketball game, it is playing it yourself. And for those of you who have not had the opportunity to play in the major leagues, here is an opportunity to make your dreams come true. The NBA 2K series has been created to provide you with the chance to play your favorite sports, alongside your favorite players, albeit in the virtual world.

Compatible with every famous gaming console including the Playstations (both PS3 and PS4), the NBA 2K18 is definitely expected to turn up a storm with its arrival. More excitement is now added, thanks to the e-league started by 2K sports where players are picked from the game to play with the real heroes of basketball (of course virtually).  Are you set to take the court and make it to the e-league?

Virtual currencies – the game maker

Every game has a major game turner in the form of its game currency and the NBA 2K series is no exception. The game currency here is referred to as the VC, short for Virtual currency, and is used for buying many things in the game store which can help the players to boost up their arsenal. The virtual currency can be earned in many ways and can be easily spent in many ways too. If you have enough game cash, you can easily make your way up the ladder with interesting upgrades to your team and yourself and also by making the most out of the game. Of course, you do need to know how to play basketball without which you cannot last longer.

Jokes apart, the Virtual currencies rule the game for it guarantees you entry into some of the most important matches and can really boost up the player stamina. But the real question and unfortunately a question with a negated answer is on how easy it is for someone to get the VC. It really takes a lot of time playing in your console and sweating it out with other online players, using all that you have in the game to make a win and when you win you are awarded with the VC which you have to spend again for entering tournaments or to replenish player’s energy levels. In between playing matches and boosting stamina, you are never left with enough VC, even if you win continuously, that you can spend on bettering your performance.

So what is the way out?

The 2K sports, the company behind the game has come up with this unique concept called locker codes which can be used to reveal a whole new world of gaming. You can get more VC like a bonus or get other features added to you with the help of these locker codes.

Yet again, these locker codes are hard to get for they are either awarded as part of winners in the game or sometimes as part of the promotional discounts by the company itself. These are quite rare and cannot cope with the urgency in which you want to move up the ladder in the game.

So what can you do? You can always check out the NBA 2K18 locker codes generators for your purpose for they bring to you the chance of a lifetime with unlimited virtual currency lying in just a click away. Unlike the conventional locker codes where you don’t know what lies or the denomination of the VC that the code will reveal these generators give you the option to choose the denomination for which you need the locker code.

What’s more? With this generator, there are no restrictions on how many times or how many denominations you run it. You can do it more than once in a day, or in night and you can do it for any denomination from 5000 to 50000 as per your choice. Now, if that is not hitting a jackpot, we don’t know what is.

NBA 2K18 locker code generators PS4

Your search result for these generators will yield you with thousands of matches. You will see that there are both online generators and those that have to be downloaded and run. We would suggest you to take up the online versions for they present you with innumerous benefits like,

  • No risk of a possible malware download.
  • Automatic updates as and when there have been a game patch.
  • A faster turnaround with the locker code.

Are there any risks though?

When you get something good in your lives, there will always be a certain amount of challenge and risk associated with it. And yet, with the generator, you can exercise caution and mitigate the risks. Let us see how.

  • The first risk that has everyone worried, especially if you are a passionate gamer like me, is the chance of getting banned from the game. The generator does tap into the game server to get the codes for you so that they are effective. So how will I know that the game security will not identify my presence and ban me? Well, the generator is imbibed with anti-detection algorithms and it uses the best proxy protection to keep your information, including your IP safer.
  • The next risk one might foresee is on the information security. Well, with the generators you are not sharing anything, not even your game account and hence we do not foresee any threat to your personal or banking information. In fact if you see a generator website requesting for this information, stay clear of it.
  • Last but not the least is a possible fraudulent charging at the later date. Now that is only possible if you share the bank details with the generator website. Given that you are not sharing any information, you don’t have to worry on this account.

Whatever be the generator you use, keep in mind that you need to be wary of the website and ensure that you do not share any information, personal or official, with the website.